FreeZia Makes Public Apology for Wearing Fake Designer Clothes on ‘Single’s Inferno’

Singles Inferno freezia
Credit: Youtuber FreeZia’s channel

Why did the young and rich Singles Inferno star wear fake designer clothes? The big-time Youtuber is facing allegations of wearing fake designer clothes �on the show.

On January 17th, Song Zia posted a photo of a handwritten letter on her social media account. She wrote, “I’m going to be completely honest about the fake designer clothes articles that are currently causing a stir. It is true that I wore the fake designer products on social media and on Single’s Inferno. I sincerely apologize.” She continued, “I apologize once more for any inconvenience caused by infringement of the designers’ creations and ignorance of copyright. As a person with a dream of launching my own brand, I will take this seriously and give it my whole attention.”

She added that she would be more careful so that things like this would never happen again. She wrote, “I deleted all content with fake products featured in them. Also, I sincerely apologize to the brands that have had their image damaged because of me.”

Meanwhile, Song Zia was slated to appear on JTBC’s Knowing Bros and MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View. However, due to the controversy, the networks are reportedly looking for alternative measures for the upcoming episodes of their programs.


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