Kim Dong Hee Cleared of All School Violence Allegations

Kim Dong Hee school violence

Earlier this year, Kim Dong Hee got embroiled in school violence rumors. And today, the agency stated that the actor had been cleared of all allegations.

Kim Dong Hee school violence
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On the 28th, Kim Dong Hee‘s legal representative issued an official statement regarding the school violence allegations. “Kim Dong Hee has been trying for a long time to find the truth through a law enforcement agency about the allegations posted online in February,” they stated.

The law firm continued, “During this process, we have submitted Kim Dong Hee’s own statement, statements of his teachers and classmates, and copies of his school records. But they were from so long ago, and because there was no clear evidence to support each other’s differences and claims, the investigation concluded that the actor was acquitted.”

However, they stressed that Kim Dong Hee himself wanted to make things right regarding the allegations of bullying a disabled friend. They explained that the actor has two disabled family members and has been trying to mend the pains of his family since he was a boy. “The false information about harassing the disabled classmate became too much pain not only for him but also for his family,” the statement read.

Lastly, Kim Dong Hee’s lawyer concluded, “There was a time that Kim Dong Hee had lost his way as he blamed his substandard environment. But he did not do anything that would cause a social scandal. But realizing that there were some who his immature words and actions might have hurt, he took the time to reflect on himself deeply.”

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Suspicion of school violence surrounding Kim Dong Hee spread through online communities in January. A, who claimed himself to be the actor’s elementary school classmate, caused a stir by exposing that Kim Dong Hee used to beat up and harass other students. B, who introduced himself as his middle school classmate, claimed that Kim Dong Hee had physically and verbally abused him. He further claimed that the actor used to smoke an e-cigarette in classrooms.

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