‘Hellbound’ Star Kim Hyun Joo Says She Enjoyed the Series Even Though She Starred in It

Hellbound Kim Hyun Joo
Hellbound Kim Hyun Joo
Credit: Netflix

Kim Hyun Joo came back with a fierce character after a long time and radiated her charm to the fullest. In the Netflix original series Hellbound, she plays Min Hye Jin, a lawyer who fights against the cult.

In an online video interview, Kim shared, “I watched all the episodes after it was released. All the actors performed so well that I got to learn things as an actor myself. In all, it was a great experience. Normally, I don’t find the works that I starred in interesting, but Hellbound was fun. I enjoyed it, even forgetting about the fact that I starred in it.”

Kim said that she decided to join the series after watching the original webtoon. “The facial expressions of characters from the webtoon were so realistic. I had expectations as an actress about adapting that into a video and curiosity about expressing the characters. I was always curious about director Yeon Sang Ho, so I wanted to work with him.”

The actress said that she’s still stunned by Hellbound‘s popularity. “I don’t think I’m a world star yet (laughs). We’re getting good results, but it’s too early to realize it. And even if I do (realize it), it won’t affect my life pattern or my attitude in choosing the projects.”

Hellbound Kim Hyun Joo
Credit: Netflix

Kim performed her first-ever action scenes. “The process of preparing for it was fun. I’ve done a lot of acting that consumes emotions, so in the process of preparing them, I’ve always felt, thought about, and amazing the characters alone in an abstract sense. But this project required practices that involved my body. I found myself excited. Of course, it was difficult at first, but the action team helped me a lot, so I didn’t get hurt. I had a better handle on my body than I expected. I’ve realized that I do have athletic abilities.”

Currently, she’s filming another project with director Yeon, Netflix original movie Jung Yi. “If I didn’t enjoy filming Hellbound, I wouldn’t have joined Jung Yi. Director Yeon has his own unique worldview, so I expected him to have this stubbornness. But I stand corrected. He has a broad vision and a firm belief. He’s also funny and has a sense of humor. I had so much fun on the set. The story is heavy and profound, but the vibe at the scene was the opposite. So I’m filming for Jung Yi more comfortably and familiarly.”

She also mentioned her thoughts on season two of Hellbound. “On the set, the actors joked about seasons two and exchanged thoughts. I once said that if there is season two, I’ll come out for sure (laughs). Personally, I feel like I’ll be raising the baby as my own. I think I’ll raise her to be a stronger woman than me so she can exert a good influence.”


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