Filming Director of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Releases a Video Refuting Others Claims Regarding Kim Seon Ho’s Bad Attitude

Kim Seon Ho Instagram
Kim Seon Ho Instagram
Credit: Cinematographer Instagram

The filming director of tvN’s Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha posted a video that refutes the claims over Kim Sun Ho having a bad attitude on the set.

On the 29th, the director posted a video named, “Another fine day filming a restaurant scene for Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” on his Instagram page.

In the uploaded post, the cast and crew were having a great time filming the scene, and everyone, including Kim Seon Ho, was laughing and enjoying their evening.


The director then explained, “The thing that got into his food was a stapler pin. The actor found it out and warned everyone to be careful. He had put on a straight face because he was having the meal with Young Ok (an elderly actress). How would you eat something with a stapler pin in it when you were having a meal with an elderly person? He said what he had to say. I don’t understand how the claim even started in the first place.”

Previously, a media outlet quoted a word from a staff member who participated in the series: “Kim Seon Ho made people very uncomfortable at the filming site by frequently making an annoyed face.”


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  • There’s always someone wanting to sink someone who’s already in trouble… We need to separate the private from the professional, and Kim Seo Ho is a wonderful actor!!!! I wish him the best and that he will come back

  • Still don’t see where he did anything wrong at the meal. I would have tossed out food with a stapler pin and ordered new clean food.

  • Slander of Kim Seon Ho means his popularity has soared unprecedently.. Envy or jealousy is the culprit. He has made many projects, why now ? Korean people should not be critical of Kim Sun Ho .Be positive of his success cuz he is an asset to the production of the film and everybody involved. Undoubtedly he has d looks, acting skills and so much more.

  • Glad that the director has come out in support of kimSeon Ho
    Save Kim Seon Ho career 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • KSH is such a good actor especially in Hometown CCC. Wishing him all the best to overcome this challenge.
    So sad how these kinds of private matters are being used by immature or “evil” manipulators to ruin someone’s life after the person has spent years of sweat, pain, hard work to reach where they are now., notably as soon as they reach a milestone in their career.

  • whatever, however u say or do….everybody can see that advertisements are coming back for KIM SEON HO….and many netizens are clamoring for his return to 2Days & 1Night….poll surveys always show his name on top despite the scandal on his private life….a certain project never backed him out just delaying its start….and for sure more projects will be offered to KSH…he had survived his childhood trauma and scandal….need i say more….so back off!!!…be nice to your self🤗🤗🤗

  • A reporter already released his ‘interview’ w/the exgf after they began to find more proof that she lied,why is he being treated like this now? Things that were found out: they dated for a little over a year,she became pregnant just a couple months after they began dating and After he had caught her cheating more than once already! He stayed w/her for wks after the abortion-cooking,making seafood soup,soup, and caring for her,he also had a difficult time although his friend wasn’t convinced baby was even his, he gave her money to help pay bills,etc for wages lost and continued paying a majority,she said it wasn’t about $, yet knowing that as an actor really just beginning-he didn’t have loads of $ and coming from very modest background tried to be frugal – she still would take his credit card and buy 8million won purses, then brag to the people around her about getting anything that she wanted. They had even gotten statements from her ex-husband/exs,even her close friends (u know it’s bad when even ur friends aren’t taking ur side!) came out in support for him. It was found that she continued,even though she met &spent time w/his parents,to cheat. They dated for a year after the baby,he kept his promises except for marriage and u can’t blame him given her lack of dedication/love. As to the staff, with everything he was dealing w/it would’ve been understandable to have a rough day,but they said those things and cited one example of him not smiling. Really!? Sounds more like someone wanted a chance to try and ‘sale a story even if the info was untrue. It sounds like everything that they found out only goes to support that he is the person people thought him to be prior to this,and that exgf is just a,…well Kanye and Jamie Foxx said it best in their song….

    • The ex lied! GASP!
      Surprise! /sarcasm

      When will people learn their lessons?

      Its like Kim Hyunjoong all over with his lying POS ex. He did MAYBE 1 questionable thing and then everything else was a lie/fabricated but his career was basically ruined. After returning from the military, he wasn’t the same and continued to have issues (drinking and driving, etc). And I 1000% blame knets and Koreans stupid standards, as well as their inability to stay out of peoples personal lives. Like Fuck.

      I hope KSH is able to bounce back from this and it doesn’t do what it did it to KHJ, and others.

  • Duh i don’t see anything wrong about the meal part, he’s stating truth tho. And the other claim that he’s making other staff to felt uncomfortable?? Nah I don’t see it coming either, everyone seems having fun teasing him during set. Chit chat over there and there, laughing there and there. It’s just like your making a hate speech towards this actor. If that’s the truth about what you stated here on your article, then give us some 100% proof before stating your hate speech. Just stating facts tho 🤗

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