Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun Graces the Posters for tvN’s Upcoming drama ‘Melancholia’

korean dram Melancholia
korean dram Melancholia
Credit: tvN

tvN’s upcoming drama Melancholia has unveiled new character posters for Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun.

Set in a private school where corruption is rampant, Melancholia depicts a story of a dedicated math teacher and a previous math genius who work together to overcome societal conventions and prejudices.

korean dram Melancholia
Credit: tvN

In the character posters, the passionate mathematics teacher Ji Yoon Soo (played by Im Soo Jung) and the genius named Baek Seung Yoo (Lee Do Hyun) are sitting side by side, sneaking peek at each other. The posters capture one’s secret glance at another and hint at diverse thoughts and feelings they harbor towards each other.

The caption reads, “The world seen through the eyes of math, and you,” on Im Soo Jung’s poster reveals Ji Yoon Soo’s passion for mathematics and her pleasant expectations for Baek Seung Yoo.

The caption that says, “I shouldn’t like either of math or my teacher anymore,” on Lee Do Hyun’s poster captures Baek Seung Yoo’s growing feelings for Ji Yoon Soo and a painful secret in his past.

Now all eyes are on the fate of the teacher and the former math genius who has suddenly disappeared from the public eyes.

Melancholia will premiere on November 13th.


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