Porter Robinson’s Second Sky Festival Brings Much Needed Joy to Fans

Second Sky Festival isn’t your typical music festival. It’s an experience that promotes positivity, hope, and brought joy to people in a time where they needed it most.

Porter Robinson’s second annual Second Sky festival brings more of his dreams to life, allowing fans to get a glimpse of what’s inside of the artist’s head. Every artist that performed wasn’t playing their usual setlists, but more of what they actually wanted to play. It was a concert that allowed freedom of expression for the artists involved, and the fans who attended it.

Madeon dazzled the crowd with a spectacular visual display, and Porter Robinson moved his fans with an incredibly emotional performance. Many fans were in tears by the end of his set, filled with a feeling of deep love for themselves.

Second Sky 2021 Festival porter robinson

The best part of the festival may not have been the performances themselves, but the environment created around it – set inside a massive Oakland Coliseum. There was the occasional photo op for fans to interact with; this massive tree was the centerpiece to it all.

Second Sky 2021 Festival porter robinson

The Oakland Coliseum was a giant venue, one spacious enough to give attendees the space they needed during a pandemic. Nearly any view inside of the Coliseum was a good one, and fans could enjoy the festival from pretty much anywhere. Some of Oakland’s most popular food trucks attended the event, giving fans some legitimately good options to eat from.

The fans inside of the event arrived with a very warming presence. Porter Robinson’s authentic personality created a very safe space for fans at Second Sky. Everywhere I went, I was met with nothing but positivity from fans. It was a scenario filled with good food, good vibes, and good fans. It was okay to cry during a performance, it was okay to dance, and it was okay to get crazy – there was something for everyone.

Second Sky 2021 Festival porter robinson

Second Sky Festival was truly the perfect type of event that fans needed after dealing with a pandemic. The world has seen so much negativity throughout the past year and a half, but all of that was on hold for a weekend. The artists were grateful to the fans, and the fans were grateful to the artists. The end result was a moment of pure joy.

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