‘Miracle: Letters to the President’ YoonA Says She Was Glad to Play a High School Student

YoonA movie Miracle
Credit: Filmmaker R&K
YoonA movie Miracle
Credit: SM Entertainment

In a video interview conducted on the 8th, YoonA shared her story about Miracle: Letters to the President. The movie tells the story of a high school math prodigy who wants to build a way station in his town and the locals who help him.

First of all, YoonA shared her feelings about watching Miracle: Letters to the President herself. “I cried after I read the scripts. So I was looking forward to seeing how the feelings that I felt while reading the scripts would be felt on screen. I watched the movie twice, and I cried both times.”

YoonA wanted to convey Ra Hee’s lovely charm to the audience. “Ra Hee is both pure and lovely. Of course, the other characters I played were also attractive, but Ra Hee is the most impulsive and still has this innocent cuteness that you can’t dislike. I also loved how the movie is set in the 80s. I always wanted to try a project that’s set in different times and filming with such outfits and props felt really good.”

What was it like working with Park Jung Min? “Jung Min approached me first, and I also greeted him warmly, so we got to know each other well. And we both had to study dialect, so we bonded over rather quickly. Actually, I’ve only filmed with Jung Min, so it just feels like I had fun with him. Rather than acting as Ra Hee, the chemistry between YoonA and Park Jung Min came out as Ra Hee and Joon Kyung. It was delightful and happy filming.”

In the previous interview, Park Jung Min mentioned that he had been YoonA’s fan. “He said, ‘YoonA is a star in my heart.’ So I texted him, ‘I’m a star in your heart?’ and he replied, ‘Yoon-phrodite is the star in my heart.’ (laughs)”
She added, “He said he’s a big fan of Girls’ Generation, but I don’t know if he’s a fan of YoonA. If members sent us a coffee truck, he’d put the members’ stickers on his phone and ask me when the members would visit the filming set.”

YoonA movie Miracle
Credit: SM Entertainment

She also candidly answered the question of whether she had any pressure playing a high school student. “In fact, I didn’t really think about the age. I just loved the work. It was my first time playing a high school student. To be honest, it’s a shame that I didn’t get to wear a school uniform. I heard that people didn’t wear school uniforms at that time. But I want to wear a school uniform once. Still. it felt nice to play a high school student.”

YoonA mentioned her appearance on You Quiz on the Block, which became a hot topic. “Saying ‘Hello, we’re Girls’ Generation’ at a public event and appearing on a show together brought back lots of memories. Now, many kids don’t know that much about the Girls’ Generation. But being together like that, we had a chance to show Girls’ Generation’s charm, so it felt good. I think we can do it because there are people who support us.”

Meanwhile, Miracle: Letters to the President will be released in the States on September 17th at CGV Los Angeles and Buena Park.

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