Dispatch Reveals the Shocking Texts Between Kwon Mina and Jimin; Will Their Conflict Enter a New Phase?

AOA Kwon Mina and Jimin
Credit: Kwon Mina Instagram, Biztribune

The conflict between Kwon Mina and Jimin first surfaced when Kwon exposed Jimin’s bullying that lasted for 10 years. However, their conflict took a new turn as Dispatch revealed the texts between them.

AOA Kwon Mina and Jimin
Credit: Kwon Mina Instagram, Biztribune

On Wednesday, Dispatch revealed the 128 minutes long transcript and text messages between Kwon and Jimin. Last year, Kwon confessed that Jimin bullied her throughout her AOA days and that she even attempted suicide. As a result, Jimin left the group and the industry for good. However, Kwon’s revelations continued.

After Kwon first wrote about Jimin last July, AOA members visited her house to apologize. At the time, Kwon wrote, “All the eyes and ears in my house were the same. You all were on her side,” indicating that no proper apologies were made.

However, according to texts that Dispatch released, Kwon and Jimin texted each other two months before the conflict first surfaced. They exchanged words like “Don’t be sick anymore. Let’s stay healthy. Thank you for hugging me then,” and “I love you, Mina.”

AOA Kwon Mina and Jimin
Credit: GREATM Entertainment

When AOA members went to Kwon’s house, Choa was also there. She tried to mediate the situation by texting Jimin, “This problem won’t be solved just because you leave the group. If she says she’s upset about something, just hear her out.” She also texted, “Our schedule was murder back then. You could have vented out on her, or Mina could have thought that you were venting out on her.”

Choa also texted Kwon and wrote, “You are really delicate. When I tried to talk to you, you wouldn’t listen to me, so I actually gave up and thought, ‘She just won’t listen.’ But I think Jimin thought she was doing the right thing because you followed her if she said some things to you.”

Even after Jimin left the group, Kwon continued to pour out her anger on her. These are some of the texts she sent: “Reply me if you see this. Aren’t you pissed? Why don’t you come here and beat me up?” “I said come over here.” “Is your mother not feeling guilty even when someone else’s daughter is trying to kill herself because of her daughter?”

AOA Kwon Mina and Jimin
Credit: Dispatch

This wasn’t the end. Dispatch also released the texts sent by AOA’s staff. According to them, Kwon asked her manager to take care of personal affairs, including making appointments for her mother’s dental and dermatology appointments. The managers called her the “commander” and often shared how sensitive she is.

The authenticity of the texts is yet to be proven. Kwon and Jimin have been at odds for some time now, but Kwon was the only one who continued to bring up the issue. With this Dispatch report, their conflict between the two entered a new phase.


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