Girls’ Generation Is Open to Comeback as a Whole Group

Girls' Generation Comeback
Credit: tvN
Girls' Generation Comeback
Credit: tvN

Girls’ Generation united as a whole group through You Quiz on the Block to celebrate their 14th debut anniversary.

Appearing on a show together for the first time in 4 years, the act showed their excitement as they showed up under the nickname “the textbook for girl groups.”

Before they decided to appear on You Quiz on the Block, all members held a long video meeting. Each member had their own opinions, but in the end, they agreed to take part in You Quiz on the Block recording.

Next year, Girls’ Generation will celebrate their 15th debut anniversary. YoonA shared, “I heard someone calling the skinny jeans that we wore as ‘the pants that my mom used to wear.’ I had no idea how long it had been,” giving a big laugh.

She also shared episodes from their promotions. For the group’s debut song “Into The New World,” the members had to practice for a year to perfect the choreography, from their finger movements to their stride. She also mentioned their 2009 song “Gee,” which allowed Girls’ Generation’s rapid climb to stardom. “We pulled off an overseas schedule in just a day. … The day we arrived in France, we traveled to the States,” she added, referring to their popularity at the time.

Girls' Generation Comeback
Credit: tvN

Of course, the question, “Will we ever get to see your comeback as a whole group?,” was also brought up. YoonA replied, “Like we always say, we are open to the idea.”

Girls’ Generation members started their trainee days at the age of 12 and 13. YoonA commented, “My trainer at the time told me, ‘Coming here after finishing school means that you like this job.’ That helped me, and I was able to practice more comfortably.” Hyoyeon added, “My mom always drove me for about two and a half hours from our house to the label every day and waited eight hours. She did that for 7 years.” Taeyeon recalled her long career and said that “it was a time that allowed me to be honest with myself.”

Sooyoung showed her love for her teammates, saying, “All of us had hit the bottom at different times, but we pulled and pushed each other forward. As we get older, we respect each other’s choices, and when we gather, we support and adore each other. Having 7 friends like this is my biggest asset.”

She continued, “Members are like my mirror. We debuted together and grew up at the same speed. So we know when someone has worries just by looking at their faces.” Tiffany then commented, “Members are my friends and my family,” while Hyoyeon called them “a ray of lights.”

Leader Taeyeon touched everyone at the scene by adding, “They are my nation and country. I’m from that country, and I’m working on behalf of Girls’ Generation while being so proud of them.”

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