Park Yoo Chun’s Agency Recielo Says They Feel Betrayed by the Artist

park yoo chun issue

Park Yoo Chun is in conflict with his agency this time. �

park yoo chun issue
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On Wednesday, Recielo released an official press release regarding their conflict with Park. “Park Yoo Chun signed a double contract with a Japanese agency and violated the contract. Not only that, he used a company card to pay for his personal entertainment and living expenses.”

On January 1st, 2020, Recielo �signed an exclusive contract with Park Yoo Chun. “Since there was no profit right after the contract, the CEO even took out personal loans for the company. And by the end of 2020, the company has finally reached 1 billion KRW ($854,640) in annual sales,” they wrote. “But about a month ago, we heard that Park Yoo Chun broke his contract with Recielo and signed a double contract with a Japanese agency.”

Recielo �then added, “We came across a report in Japan that Park Yoo Chun had terminated his exclusive contract with Recielo on August 14th because of Recielo CEO’s embezzlement. On the 16th, there was a report about Park Yoo Chun pushing ahead with a fan meeting in Japan.”

park yoo chun issue
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“Park Yoo Chun’s claims about Recielo are false, and they’re seriously damaging the reputation of Recielo and the CEO of Recielo,” the agency shared. “Recielo had never raised a problem even when Park Yoo Chun used a company cart for his personal entertainment and living expenses. We even helped out the artist with his 2 billion KRW debt (about $1,709,100).”

According to the statement, Park gave the company card to his girlfriend that he moved in with and bought her a bag from a luxury brand. The actor even spent thousands of dollars of company funds for his games.

The company continued, “In particular, the company paid for the money that Park Yoo Chun owned adult entertainment establishments, which was about 100 million KRW (about $85,466).”

Recielo concluded, “We are experiencing a sense of loss and betrayal due to Park Yoo Chun’s breach of contract. Now that we’ve suffered defamation, we couldn’t help but release this statement.”

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