‘Hometown’ Starring Han Yeri, Yoo Jae Myung & Uhm Tae Goo to Premiere in September

han yeri drama
Credit: Ace Factory, Saram Entertainment, PrainTPC

tvN’s new series ‘Hometown’ has confirmed its September premiere.

han yeri drama
Credit: Ace Factory, ELLE, PrainTPC

Set in a small town in 1999, Hometown is a mystery thriller series that follows detective Choi Hyung In, who is investigating a serial murder case, and Jo Jung Hyun, who is searching for her kidnapped niece. The two of them eventually face off the worst terrorist in history.

Stranger 2 director Park Hyun Sung helms the production. And Han Yeri, Yoo Jae Myung, and Uhm Tae Goo joined the project as the leading actors.

First, Yoo Jae Myung plays Choi Hyung In, a homicide detective who had lost his wife in a horrific terrorist attack. Buried by the guilt of letting his wife die, he had lived his life like a ghost for 10 years. One day, he’s put in charge of a murder case, which he realizes is connected to the terrorist from 10 years ago.

Han Yeri takes on the role of Jo Jung Hyun, who endures the social stigma of being a terrorist’s family. Ironically, her life that her brother destroyed comes together by his daughter Jo Jae Young. But when Jo Jae Young, whom she treasures more than her own life, goes missing, she faces an unbearable tragedy again.

Lastly, Uhm Tae Goo turns into Jo Kyung Ho, a mysterious man who went to prison after committing the worst terrorist attack. In 1989, Jo Kyung Ho returned from Japan after finishing his studies. But the first thing he did was release nerve gas in the train station located in his hometown. Right after the attack, he turned himself in to the police and was sentenced to life in prison.


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