Ahn Bo Hyun Apologizes Regarding the Recent Controversy over His YouTube Subscription List

ahn bo hyun youtube
Credit: FN Entertainment

‘Itaewon Class’ actor Ahn Bo Hyun apologized for the recent controversy over his “problematic” YouTube subscription list.

ahn bo hyun youtube
Credit: FN Entertainment

On Monday, Ahn came heavily under fire when his YouTube subscription list was revealed. According to online community posts, Ahn’s YouTube channel “Brabohyun” subscribed to various celebrity channels run by Shin Se Kyung, Park Seo Joon, Baek Jong Won, and more.

However, the actor came under fire for subscribing to controversial channels such as PPKKa and Kim Yong Ho. PPKKa is known for his controversial remarks, such as calling feminists “delusional.” Kim Yong Ho has often been criticized for starting ludicrous rumors about celebrities. Recently, he has been targeting Han Ye Seul.

Credit: “Brabohyun” YouTube

Soon, Ahn took the “Brabohyun” community board to post an apology. Below is the full statement.

“Hello, I’m Ahn Bo Hyun of ‘Brabohyun’ channel.

First, I would like to apologize for causing discomfort to many people due to the news about my YouTube channel.

When I first opened my channel ‘Brabohyun’ in 2019, I managed all aspects of the channel. But in the second half of 2020, a page manager was put in charge of editing the videos and uploading them on my behalf.

I heard that the manager made a mistake and am writing this after checking the facts.

It’s entirely my fault for not properly operating the channel ‘Brabohyun’ that I started. In the future, I will do my best to manage it with a deep sense of responsibility.

I sincerely apologize for causing concern to those who have watched and supported me.”


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