‘The Penthouse 3’: Are Joo Dan Tae and Oh Yoon Hee Siblings?

The Penthouse 3
The Penthouse 3
Credit: SBS

Joo Dan Tae’s younger sister’s name, Jun Hee, appeared on the script of The Penthouse 3: War in Life.

Regarding the rumor of Joo Dan Tae and Oh Yoon Hee being siblings, an official from SBS’ The Penthouse 3 confirmed that it is his sister’s name, Jun Hee, written on the script.

The Penthouse 3
Credit: SBS

On July 16th, the seventh episode revealed Joo Dan Tae’s tragic past. Young Joo Dantae used to live with his mother and younger sister in a rundown area, waiting to be demolished for an urban renewal project, 27 Cheonsu District. However, despite Joo’s plea, Baek Joon Ki’s father (Nam Sung Jin) went ahead and tore down his place where his mother and sister were still asleep. Young Joo Dan Tae, who witnessed the death of his only family in front of his eyes, cried his heart out as he watched it collapse.

Right after the show had finished airing its latest episode, the viewers pointed out the name that young Joo Dan Tae had cried out sounded like “Yoon Hee” or “Jun Hee.” Some speculated that Joo’s younger sister might be Oh Yoon Hee (Yoo Jin).

However, the production team clarified that the name was “Jun Hee,” not “Yoon Hee.” Nevertheless, as Kim Soon OK wrote the previous Penthouse series with numerous twists and shocking developments, viewers are continuing to speculate about the mysterious connection between Joo Dan Tae and Oh Yoon Hee.


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  • That was insane, 🤮 in season 1 they had an affair. Then in season3 they become siblings? What a crap story would be

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