Why the People with Hearing Loss Are Loving BTS’s New Song

Permission to Dance BTS
Permission to Dance BTS
Credit: Big Hit

BTS gave off pleasant energy with their new song, “Permission to Dance.” And this new smash is receiving enthusiastic responses from people with hearing loss �thanks to the unique choreography using international sign language.

On July 9th, BTS unveiled the music video for “Permission to Dance” that exudes a peaceful and carefree vibe. With the video, BTS delivered a positive message to everyone who may have gone a rough day, just as the lyrics of the song “We don’t need permission to dance.” Yes, they are telling us, “You can dance however you like without permission.”

In particular, the group doubled the lively feeling with easy-to-follow dance moves. And the majority of the choreography is in sign language. The motion of scratching the body with the thumb extended and the other fingers half-bent means “fun.” And the motion of using one palm as a stage and moving the two fingers of the other hand on top of it means “dance.” Plus, the two-handed V movement, which symbolizes ‘peace,’ was also included.

In response, YouTube creators with hearing loss gathered their friends in the community to make a reaction video. In the video, they danced along with the “Permission to Dance” moves and praised, “This is amazing. I’m so happy, and thank you for making a music video that’s so beautiful.”

This isn’t the first time BTS used sign languages. Back in May, the group appeared on CBS’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and showed their support to the minority.

Permission to Dance BTS
Credit: Big Hit

Along with the message of “communication,” BTS’s new smash also contains the meaning of “coexistence.” In the music video, people with different skin colors and of various occupations and ages dance with their shoulders around each other. It means overcoming COVID-19 together and having fun together.

The wish to return to normal life in “Life Goes On” comes true in “Permission to Dance.” At the end of the music video, people take off their masks and dance with bright smiles. In the teaser video released earlier, Suga is reading a newspaper with the phrase “2022 is the beginning of a new era, goodbye COVID-19” on the front page. Since the terror of the pandemic has grown again with the spread of “double mutant,” these scenes overwhelm our hearts.

BTS has blasted into 7th week at No.1 on Billboard Hot 100 with their new single Butter. Forbes took note of the incredible sales that BTS recorded. Although they released the album in mid-May, BTS had already sold 841,000 copies. So far this year, BTS’s “Butter” is the only song to sell at least half a million copies in the U.S.


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