Netflix Delivers a Tension-Filled Main Trailer of ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’

netflix Kingdom Ashin
netflix Kingdom Ashin
Credit: Netflix

Netflix released the main trailer of Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North will be released on July 23rd. It is a special episode of the Kingdom series which unravels the secret behind the resurrection plant and the story behind Ashin.

The released trailer starts with a dark and mysterious northern forest and an omen sign. When the people discover a pile of corpses in the forbidden camp that no one dared to enter for 100 years, an enormous tiger attacks them. The trailer follows what had happened before the tragic crisis which engulfed Joseon in the darkness. Soon, an unidentified man pours his rage into his words, saying, “Be ready for the bloody revenge,” and brutally attacks Ashin’s tribe.

Also, there are some more glimpses of Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Shi A, and Park Byeong Eun. Jun Ji Hyun becomes a grown-up Ashin and says, “I will kill everything alive.” Meanwhile, Park Byeong Eun will be back as Min Chi Rok, a loyal and righteous spirit who links the Kingdom series. And Kim Shi A will play young Ashin, who desires to avenge Min Chi Rok. It draws a high expectation for how these three characters will bring a strong synergy into the episode.


Source: Netflix

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