A Character Guide to Young Adult Romance ‘Nevertheless’

Credit: JTBC

JTBC’s Nevertheless, which will premiere on June 19th, depicts the cheeky romance of young adults. It’s based on the Naver Webtoon of the same title. The show’s getting much attention with the fantastic cast members. Han So Hee plays Yoo Na Bi, who doesn’t believe in love but still wants to date. And Song Kang plays a man named Park Jae Eon, who thinks dating is a waste of time but still wants to flirt. Since the original Webtoon focused on the bitter side of romance, let’s find out how the TV show will portray the relationships of young adults by looking at the major characters.


Han So Hee – Yoo Na Bi

Credit: JTBC

With a face with clear-cut features, she exudes intelligence. Since she looks a little icy and doesn’t talk a lot, she’s told she seems stand-offish at first, but deep down, she’s considerate and easygoing. She decided not to believe in love and fate after having a painful first love when she was 20. But regardless of that decision, destiny comes in her way�”Park Jae Uhn, the flirt master, perfect at a push and pull of relationships, who’s handsome enough to make everyone turn around and look at him. She can’t seem to ignore him. She wants to trust him, who still has some lipstick he got from another woman. The more she expects, The more she becomes upset and sad she gets.


Song Kang – Park Jae Uhn

Credit: JTBC

He’s nice and joyful to everyone, but deep down, he doesn’t care about others at all. He distances himself from them and doesn’t express his feelings. Since he looks at his relationships objectively, he’s able to understand what others feel quickly. He now has a woman he thinks about when he’s alone, Yoo Na Bi. Although he approached her for fun, he gets more and more interested in Na Bi. And as he becomes fond of her, he starts to have an ironic urge to ruin her.


Chae Jong Hyeop – Yang Do Hyuk

Credit: JTBC

He’s a gentle and positive man by nature. He falls in love with his first love, Na Bi, again after they met by chance. He becomes hopeful, seeing Na Bi affected by his sincere confession of love, but then Park Jae Uhn comes along. Soon, Do Hyuk finds out that Jae Uhn is the one who hurt Na Bi, ready to take vengeance.


Lee Yeol Eum – Yoon Seol Ah

Credit: JTBC

Seol Ah is Jae Uhn’s first love. Spending a lot of time together, she knows well that behind Jae Uhn’s kind smiles, there’s a dark side. She decided to study abroad to be free from Jae Uhn, but she came back to Korea during her vacation. But Jae Uhn, who she met after a long time, seems different. She notices that he wants somebody.


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