JYP Requests Reinvestigation into ITZY’s Lia’s Case and Releases Detailed Explanations

JYP Entertainment issued its official position regarding the school violence allegations against ITZY’s Lia.

Credit: JYP Entertainment

Earlier this week, the police dropped defamation charges against the individual who accused Lia of school violence. They explained that the case failed to meet the standards required in evidence to proceed on a suit for defamation.

Regarding the issue, JYP announced its plans to request a reinvestigation on the 15th.

“The first complaint we filled wasn’t against the victims of school violence, but it was against the author of malicious posts and comments,” JYP wrote.

Along with the statement, they released the following five posts

Credit: JYP Entertainment

According to the agency, the above five posts were published on online communities since 2018. The police found out that four of them were written by the same individual using different usernames. And one other post was written by a different individual.

During the investigation, a person who appeared to be the writer of the posts wrote on another online community last February that she’s under a police investigation. The writer complained that she and her acquaintance had been the victims of school violence. But soon, that acquaintance wrote on the same online community that the incident was, in fact, “no big of a deal.” Since then, the writer of the original post repeatedly uploaded and delete them.

Credit: JYP Entertainment

JYP continued to explain that the police decided to dismiss the charges against the two writers because they did not have enough evidence to prove that the posts were false. The agency then emphasized, “In other words, their decision not to forward the case to the prosecution does not mean that Lia took part in school violence.”

Finally, JYP announced its decision to request a reinvestigation. “This is because we believe that while it is unacceptable for there to be victims who unfairly suffered [school violence], it is also unacceptable for there to be victims who suffer because of false accusations and distorted claims.”


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