‘Hospital Playlist 2’: Everything You Need to Know Before the New Season

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As the characters face new challenges and possible changes in the second season, let’s take a look at where each of the five characters left off the first season.

Meanwhile, Hospital Playlist 2 will be available worldwide on Netflix. It will release one episode per week in Asian, Arabic, and English-speaking regions every Thursday at 11 PM(KST) from the 17th. And it is scheduled to release in the other areas on September 9th simultaneously, including Latin America.


How will the relationship change between Song Hwa and Ik Joon?

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Last season, Ik Joon went to the Sokcho headquarter to confess his feelings for Song Hwa. He softly told her, “I’ve grown feelings for you, although we’ve been friends for a long time. I think it will get slightly awkward if I confess, but I believe I will regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t confess them now. What should I do?” Noticing Song Hwa’s being surprised, Ik Joon said, “You don’t have to give me an answer right now.” I’ll listen to it when I get back.” Attention is focused on what will happen between the two in the upcoming season with Ik Joon’s confession, especially since they’ve grown apart in the past.


Jeong Won, Gyeo Ul will start their love?

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Jeong Won had a big heart for patients as much as he wanted to become a priest, leading to his decision to remain at the hospital. In particular, at the end of the first season, Gyeo Ul, who had a crush on Jeong Won, confessed her feeling with tears, saying, “I like you, doctor.” Her tearful confession made viewers emotional. In return, Jeong Won approached and kissed her, and the two found out that they both had feelings for each other. Expectations are rising for the new relationship between the two and how Jeong Won will play in it.


Is Jun Wan and Ik Soon’s long-distance relationship okay?

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Joon Wan and Ik Soon, who were dating sweeter than anyone else, faced a crisis last season. Ik Soon left for England to study abroad, and they started a long-distance relationship. Joon Wan sent the ring to Ik Soon after much consideration. However, somehow the package was returned. Will they be able to move on smoothly, given that their relationship has been kept a secret from everyone else?


What happened to Seok Hyung?

Last season, Seok Hyung refused Min Ha’s date request after giving a lot of thought, expressing his mixed feelings. And soon, Seok Hyung received a call from his ex-wife. Seok Hyung hesitated to pick her call but eventually answered it. On that note, the season ended. Viewers are looking forward to how ex-wife will cause an unexpected change in Seok Hyung’s relationship.


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