‘Taxi Driver’ Lee Je Hoon Says His Favorite Nickname Is “God Dogi”

Credit: Lee Je Hoon

Lee Je Hoon frankly opened up about his latest work, SBS’s Taxi Driver. From Lee Naeun’s drop out to controversy over his stunts and writer replacement, the actor expressed his honest feelings as a leading actor.

“I worked on it for quite a while, and I feel sad now that it’s over. Rather than feeling relieved, I feel like I want to be with the actors and the staff for a little longer. I wish we’d all be together soon,” the actor shared.

Lee mentioned why he thinks Taxi Driver received such glowing reviews. “I think people were enthusiastic about the plot that has someone else punishing the evil that mistreated the weak,” he said. “Even I felt catharsis reading the scripts. I couldn’t approach this lightly because I’m supposed to revenge on other people’s behalf. The weight of solving the victims’ resentment and anger made me feel responsible. There were many concerns. But I was sure that the message that I wanted to show would be delivered.”

Credit: Lee Je Hoon

The actor tried out action sequences for the first time. “The martial arts team did such a great job. The sequences were difficult and dangerous, especially the car action scene. But thanks to their guidance, I got to do what I did.”

As for the controversy over his double doing the stunts, Lee explained, “The director and staff were worried about the leading actor getting injured. They wanted me to avoid doing things beyond my ability. And of course, I had to respect their wishes and accept it.”

Taxi Driver had to reshoot after Lee Naeun left the production. “It wasn’t at all chaotic. I thought some may change since we had to act again. But Pyo Ye Jin checked everything so thoroughly, including how each actor acts, so we didn’t have big changes.”

Lee also mentioned the writer’s replacement. “I didn’t realize the fact that we had a new writer. I never met writer Lee Ji Hyun in person, but if there is season 2, it will be very meaningful to make it together.”

Credit: SBS

With this work, he has received much love. And of all the nicknames he has earned, Lee’s favorite was “God Dogi.” “Every character I play is the best character to me. They are my everything because I pour out all that I’ve got and focus while thinking that each role is a part of my life. So right now, Kim Do Gi is the best role of all my life.”

Viewers’ expectations for season 2 are already high. In the final episode, the Rainbow Taxi Company members, who returned to their own lives, were seen coming together once again. “Maybe it signals that Rainbow Taxi Company is ready to help those who weren’t protected by the law. I loved how it ended with curiosity and expectations as Prosecutor Kang Ha Na also joined the group. I think it will be more meaningful if she shows up as Rainbow Taxi Company’s aid.”


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  • Apart from being a good actor, Je Hòon is so manly. So oozing with sex appeal just like Jo In Sung, my first favorite

  • Thank you for this report on one of my favourite Korean actors and his great performance in Taxi Driver 🙂

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