‘Mouse’ Series Finale: What Will the Main Characters Do Next?

tvN’s Mouse nearing its end, and the tension’s reached its climax. In the last episode, Jung Ba Reum faced the Secretary-General of Blue House Choi Young Shin, the ultimate predator. Plus, Ko Moo Chi and Oh Bong Yi were shocked to learn that Jung Ba Reum was the head hunter Han Seo Joon’s biological son and the real predator. What kind of choices will the four main characters make at the end?


What happened after the meeting between Jung Ba Reum(Lee Seung Gi) and Choi Young Shin(Jung Ae Ri)

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Jung Ba Reum found his aunt (Kang Mal Geum), who was hiding in Jeju Island. He also finds out that she’s been under a mission with a firm determination as a member of OZ. She has been on a mission to keep track of Jung Ba Reum and Sung Yo Han(Kwon Hwa Woon), who have psychopathic genes. Moreover, Jung Ba Reum learned that the ultimate predator who received a murder request from Daniel Lee(Jo Jae Yoon) was Choi Young Shin. Therefore, Jeong Ba Reum is now aware that he has been living the life of a lab rat since he was a kid. Many viewers wonder what Jung Ba Reum will do, facing Choi Young Shin, who ruined his life.


How will Ko Moo Chi(Lee Hee Joon) take revenge against his brother Jung Ba Reum?

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Ko Moo Chi was bewildered by the fact that Jung Ba Reum was at the center of all the incidents that followed the Moojin Serial Murders case, including Na Chi Kook’s (Lee Seo Joon) death. A homicide detective Shin Sang was attacked and murdered by a stranger while investigating the case, having Ba Reum as a prime suspect. After learning the facts, Ko Moo Chi couldn’t hide his anger because he believed that the murder’s also related to Jung Ba Reum. The tension builds as viewers wonder how Ko Moo Chi, who lost everyone he loved, will retaliate against Jung Ba Reum.


Oh Bong Yi(Park Joo Hyun) got ambushed again – Will she be facing Jung Ba Reum?

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Oh Bong Yi’s heart gets broken when she learned that Jung Ba Reum was the predator who killed her grandmother, her only family. Soon, while Oh Bong Yi goes to Jung Ba Reum’s house to avenge her grandmother’s death, she gets attacked by a stranger with a hat. The viewers are wondering if she will be facing Jung Ba Reum.

What lies beyond the final warning that Choi Hong Joo (Kyung Soo Jin) gave Han Seo Jun(Ahn Jae Wook)?

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After having the conversation with Daniel Lee, Choi Hong Joo was shocked by the fact that Han Seo Jun’s biological son was Jung Ba Reum, not Sung Yo Han. When Choi met Sung Ji Eun(Kim Jung Nan), she expressed her resentment. She brought up the tragic life of Sung Yo Han, who was branded as a member of the head hunter family and lived in pain and isolation.

Choi Hong Joo decided she’ll never make her child the offspring of a serial killer. So, she went to see Han Seo Jun and gave him a bold warning, saying, “I will kill you in the most brutal way. Just wait for it. It will be nothing like you imagined.” Overcoming her trauma caused by Han Seo Jun, she faced things head-on. Viewers are anxious to find out how she’s going to fight back in the final episode.

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