4 Things to Look for in the Remaining Episodes of ‘Taxi Driver’

SBS’s Taxi Driver has reached its turning point. And from now on, it will be speeding up its race for revenge.

Taxi Driver is about a mysterious taxi company taking revenge on behalf of falsely accused victims. The work has gained much attention by presenting a revenge series that creates thrilling pleasure with episodes based on actual events. Let’s look into the four things that the series will unfold in the remaining episodes.


Who is Rainbow Taxi Company’s next target?

Credit: SBS

They started with the kidnapping and imprisonment of Cho Do Cheol, a child sex offender. Since then, Rainbow Taxi Company has sought revenge against those who committed crimes and still slipped from the grip of the law. What mission will they take next to wipe out the evil that put down its roots in Korean society? In the 9th episode, they will be conducting a series of operations to crack the “voice phishing” organization. What satisfactions will Kim Do Gi and the Rainbow Taxi Company present us in the process?


Kang Ha Na (Esom) Is Closing in on the Truth about Kim Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon) �

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Another key point to pay attention to is when Kang Ha Na will notice Rainbow Taxi Company’s crimes. Prosecutor Kang Ha Na is expected to take a big step closer to the truth about Kim Do Gi and the company. In the process, the chase between those hiding and those who are digging up the truth will heighten the tension. Plus, Kang will fall into a dilemma over the “public justice” she has believed in dearly as she gets involved with Rainbow Taxi Company. What kind of relationship will be formed between Kang and Rainbow Taxi Company in the future?


Rainbow Taxi Company vs. “The Godmother” (Cha Ji Yeon)

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Attention is also drawn to � “The Godmother” Baek Sang Min, the notorious and mysterious figure in the underground economy. So far, Baek has partnered with Jang Sung Chul, the CEO of Rainbow Taxi Company. She has taken a financial advantage by imprisoning the criminals that Rainbow Taxi Company has kidnapped in her private prisons. However, she is also working as the broker for illegal organ transplants. She is trying to sell Cho Do Cheol’s cornea behind Jang’s back. In addition, the tension between the two sides is gradually rising as Cho, who escaped the prison, attacks Jang.


What fate awaits the villains in private prisons?

Credit: SBS

“I won’t lose to evil, and I will prevail in my own way. I will collect all the trash around us and isolate them forever from the world. And I will reform them. (episode 2)” This is why Jang Sung Chul founded Rainbow Taxi Company. And under his belief, numerous villains are now locked up in private prisons. Earlier, however, Cho Do Cheol showed no remorse for his sins. He eventually escaped and attacked Jung Sung Chul. Will Jung achieve his goal? What kind of ending will Rainbow Taxi Company’s justice see?


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