Even After the “Buring Sun Scandal”, YG Is Still Considering Seungri as a Member of Big Bang?

Credit: Big Bang Facebook

Is YG still considering Seungri as a member of Big Bang?

Recently, YG switched Big Bang’s Facebook profile picture with the group’s old photo with Seungri. The photo in question shows TOP, Taeyang, G-Dragon, and Daesung, walking side by side with Seungri, who left the team.

Currently, the official website of YG is using the picture 4-member Big Bang as the group’s profile picture. However, despite the “Buring Sun scandal,” we can still spot Big Bang’s photos with Seungri all over the major portal sites, including Naver and Daum. His presence still lingers in Bigbang even after Seungri left the team in 2019.

Credit: G-Dragon Instagram

Controversies over Seungri have been ongoing since last year. A year ago, G-Dragon posted caricatures of all five members on his Instagram, causing a heated debate. International fans poured out supportive messages, saying, “Big Bang is a 5-member group.” Yet, Korean fans expressed antipathy to such reactions, creating frictions.

Putting aside the conflicts within the fandom, the public is still reacting adversely to Seungri, who had stirred up various troubles. However, YG has failed to scrub his images off from portal sites and social media. Despite continuing controversy and criticism, the company is still sticking to its indolent attitude.

Meanwhile, Seungri has been charged with nine charges, including habitual illegal gambling, solicitation of prostitution, and abetting assault.


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