DAY6 Hopes ‘You Make Me’ Becomes the Anthem of Hope

Credit: JYP Entertainment

After a year, DAY6 has returned as a whole with all five members.

The 7th mini album to end the ‘Book’ series, which started in 2019, was released on April 19th. The title track “You make Me” of the album, Book of Us: Negentropy �” Chaos Swallowed Up in Love, reached the top of Bugs Music’s real-time charts on the day of its release at 8 PM KST. The new music video for the song also became No. 1 on YouTube’s music video Trending Worldwide at 8 PM KST on the 20th.

Through their agency, DAY6 expressed how they felt about releasing the new album.

Q1. How does it feel to drop your new album ‘Negentropy’?

It feels like we’ve done great coming this far. But taking a look back before wrapping it up, I fondly recall how special it was. We are happy to have come across precious songs during the ‘Book’ series, and we would like to thank our fans for their company. Although it is the final part of the Book series, our journey will continue. So please look forward to it.

Q2. What’s new about ‘You make Me’? How is it different from your previous title tracks?

The song captures the moment of having faith in love. It illustrated that if we have love among ourselves, we can go on even if we are about to break or collapse. Sound-wise, there are rhythmic parts, and we expressed our own melodies in the chorus. It’s meaningful because many people have told us that the progression is refreshing.

Q3. What kind of song would you like ‘You make Me’ to be remembered as?

We hope the song would feel like the perfect ending of the Book series. We’d be glad if you cherished it as a song that can embody all the previous pieces of music and themes within the series. We also want it to be remembered as an anthem of hope for many.

Credit: JYP Entertainment

Q4. What are your favorite tracks apart from the title song?

Jae: I wrote “Above The Clouds” thinking about a friend who left us a long time ago after suffering from an illness. It’s my favorite song from this album because I illustrated how I’ve decided to take only the good memories instead of sad ones once they left.

Young K: “ONE.” It’s an energetic song that demonstrates strong passion. I think it will be the best when performed in a concert hall.

Wonpil: It’s a question I get often, but it’s doesn’t get easier. I remember when we recorded in harmony together. I felt delighted to be in that moment with all of our voices.

Dowoon: I want to choose, “every day we fight.” I feel energetic whenever I listen to this song. It boosts my motivation, making me feel like I can continue to move forward.

Q5. The band leader, Sungjin, enlisted in the military after preparing for the album.

We talked a lot together and made great memories full of smiles before he left. He told us that he would join the army and encouraged us for the album release. We aren’t worried about him because he’s the type to be loved wherever he goes and whatever he does.

Q6. Any memorable moments from your ‘The Book of Us’ series?

Jae: It was memorable when everyone said “Zombie” was relatable.

Young K: All instances feel precious to me, but I remember when “Time of Our Life” won first place on a live show. I was stunned.

Wonpil: The memories from our world tour Gravity stays with me the longest.

Dowoon: “Zombie” was monumental for me. It’s an album that made me think a lot about people’s feelings.


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