Kim Jung Hyun Handwrites an Apology, Addressing Seohyun but Not Seo Ye Ji

Credit: MBC

Actor Kim Jung Hyun has apologized for his attitude while filming for MBC’s Time towards O& Entertainment.

On the 14th, Kim Jung Hyun revealed a handwritten apology.

“The show Time was significant for me as an actor because it was the first work as a lead character. However, I apologize for heavily disappointing the director, screenwriter, fellow actors, and staff members.”

“There are bits and pieces of memory of time’s press conference. How I acted back then was unacceptable; even I cannot accept it. I regret it so much and wish I could turn back time.” He apologized once again, saying, “I failed to fulfill my responsibilities both as a main character and a professional actor. I want to apologize without making any excuses.”

Credit: Kim Jung Hyun

He explained that dropping out of Time and his behavior at the press conference was all his fault. “I truly apologize to Seohyun and every related individual who had to go through a hard time in those moments. I feel the need to visit and apologize to everyone related to Time, who suffered. Therefore no matter how long it takes, I would like to make a sincere apology and ask your forgiveness,” he claimed.

Furthermore, the actor apologized to his agency. “I would also like to apologize to O& Entertainment and Culture Depot. Also, I’m truly sorry for the fans who always had faith in me. I ask for everyone’s forgiveness if I’ve caused you any inconvenience.” he wrote.

Kim Jung Hyun emphasized, “I am reflecting on my mistakes and misbehaviors while writing this apology. If I have another chance, I won’t take it for granted and always reflect on myself. I will try hard to become a stable actor who can take care of himself.”


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  • I thought he was a fine actor but really disappointed. Hopefully he is sincere and can bounced back.

  • It doesn’t have any emotions in this letter. I think he was made to write this letter, so therefore it really don’t have any feeling to it. It’s the feeling for me.

      • I think the other way. I feel the sincerity of the letter. I think he deserves a second chance and not judgement.

  • I could not understand or fathom the way of thinking of those knetz who are bullying actors. They criticize the actors as if they are holy!! What hypocrites!!! They are dragging down their own people and their own entertainment industry!! It makes me think that there is some kind of a cult behind this…

  • Jung Hyun is very humble at his apology and I think he did a solid expressing his apology and not making excuses. His simple admittance of his behavior is commendable.

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