[K-Star’s Best Character] From Independent Film to Netflix, Jeon Yeo Been’s Choices Are Always Right

Edited by Seo Hayne
Translated Kim Hoyeun

Jeon Yeo Been debuted in 2015 with the film The Treacherous, where she appeared as a woman with queen’s fate by physiognomy. Later the same year, she became an astronaut who makes a great leap forward in the short 40-second official trailer of the 17th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival. With this clip, she left an impression as “an actress with a rustic yet sophisticated face.” Soon, she joined The Running Actress, directed by actress Moon So Ri.

Credit: CGV Arthouse

Since then, she mostly played small and big roles in independent films. The list includes aspiring actress in The Running Actress and Mo Geum San’s swimming buddy Cha Young in Merry Christmas, Mr. Mo. In 2017, she rose as a rising star with overwhelming emotional performance in the film After My Death. The role she took on was a girl who is cornered with suspicions after her classmate suddenly disappears. Clearly, it wasn’t an easy role. With this film, she won the 22nd Busan International Film Festival Actress of the Year Award and swept several New Actress Awards, including the 56th Grand Bell Awards. The actress once shared, “I thought that enduring the role will be very tough. But deep down, I knew that I can do this and that I want to do this.”

Credit: JTBC

In 2019, she starred in Be Melodramatic, which depicts the worries, relationships, and daily lives of female friends in their 30s. Through the project, she played Lee Eun Jung, a producer who set up a one-person documentary production company. Eun Jung is the kind of person who can happily donate the production cost that she reaped through her box office hit project. But at the same time, she is a person who overcomes the feeling of loss between her ex and her new love. And her version of romance drew great sympathy from the viewers.

Credit: tvN

Jeon Yeo Been is currently starring in the popular tvN series Vincenzo as ace lawyer Hong Cha Young. When she is asked to make impressions at a company dinner, she raps out, “I hate doing stuff like that at a company dinner.” But she will still do the Zumba dance with Cha Myung Hee inside the office. Along with her deft comic acting, she goes back and forth between lunacy and romance and strengthens her character’s individuality.

The actress’s smart move continues. Soon, her new film, Night in Paradise, will be released on Netflix. In it, she plays Jae Yeon, who has nothing to lose. With the role, she highlights the roughness within her that she didn’t show in Vincenzo. Later, she will turn into Hong Ji Hyo in the new Netflix original series Glitch, which revolves around the UFO believers. In Be Melodramatic, Eun Jung says, “Acting is creating a new path within a wide answer sheet with no answer.” Jeon Yeo Been will always choose the right path within her wide answer sheet as she has done so far.


Editor Seo Hayne: I like actors as they faithfully lead through their long running-time. I also like idols who accomplish everything on stage within 3 minutes.

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