‘Youn’s Kitchen’ Comes Under Fire for Translating Racist Comments as Compliments

Credit: tvN

From a few days ago, Youn’s Kitchen was heavily criticized for its mistranslation. But the production team’s attempt to overlook the issue is making people even angrier than before.

Recently, controversy over the misinterpretation in Youn’s Kitchen 2 went viral online, causing public outrage. During one of the episodes, a customer said, “They look like gays,” referring to Park Seo Joon and Lee Seo Jin. Then, the production mistranslated the comment into “They are hot.”

When the criticism mounted, tvN deleted the clip from its official YouTube channel. However, they did not issue a further explanation or apology.

There was a voice about the misinterpretation three years ago, right after the release. But the production team chose not to respond. Back on March 19th in 2018, an individual posted an article titled “Episode 8 Misinterpretation: Discriminatory Remarks.”

Credit: tvN

Episode 8 Misinterpretation: Discriminatory Remarks

The person wrote, “Hello, I’m a student living in Germany. There were misinterpretations and discriminatory remarks in the 8th episode when the ratings soared up. I am writing this to correct the misinterpretation.”

He pointed out that the comment, “There are two Korean gays here,” was translated as “There are two good-looking Koreans here.” But this wasn’t the only misinterpretation. According to him, “They make good pancakes” was initially, “These people don’t even know how to make hotcakes.”

He then criticized the production staff, saying, “I can only speak Korean, German, and English. So I don’t how accurate Youn’s Stay translations are. But watching so many errors in German translation that barely surface, I can’t trust other translations either. Besides, they translated the discriminatory remarks into positive comments. Therefore, it’s not easy to tell whether the intention is to make all interpretations positive and show only positive aspects to the viewers or whether they have poorly done the translation.


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