Seo Shin Ae Issues Personal Statement Regarding (G)I-DLE Soojin’s School Bullying

Credit: PARK+ Entertainment, xportsnews
Credit: PARK+ Entertainment, xportsnews

Actress Seo Shin Ae personally shared a new statement regarding (G) I-DLE’s Soojin and her school violence scandal.

Earlier last month, Soojin’s school violence rumor surfaced. The controversy grew even more when Seo Shin Ae was mentioned as a victim of her school bullying.

Then on the 19th, Soojin personally gave an explanation to the ongoing controversy. She also brought up Seo Shin Ae in her writing. Soojin wrote, “I have never talked to Seo Shin Ae in my school days. … I strongly urge her to clarify her position on this part because I have nothing to hide.” Since then, Soojin’s fans have also been demanding an explanation from the actress.

And today, Seo Shin Ae took her Instagram to issue her personal statement.

“Hello, this is actress Seo Shin Ae.

Ten years ago, I was young and had no courage. However, if I face this situation with fear and hesitation once again, I know I will feel very disappointed and regretful about myself in the distant future. So I am going to pluck up my courage.

I have worked in the entertainment industry since I was young. But at school, I was an ordinary student like any other kid. In my second year of middle school, I transferred to a new school in the first semester. And I did work hard to get along with my classmates.

For two years, that person who mentioned me constantly shared groundless insults and personal attacks about me. They said, “I wonder how she is a celebrity when she’s not even that pretty,” “She’s a has-been celeb anyway,” “No wonder she is an outcast,” “I don’t know what the teachers like about her and give her special treatment.” Her gang’s insults continued on the way to school, in the hallways during breaks, in the cafeteria, every day and anywhere with unpleasant cursing and snickering laughters. It could’ve just been envy and jealousy of young students or just words they said in passing. But these words have left deep scars in my heart and still remain inside me to this day. The pain I received back then gradually grew into a bigger bruise. And I started to develop a fear of people. That fear became trauma, turned me into an introverted person, and became a significant hindrance for entering high school. I realized that not physical violence but mental violence can remain as lifelong wounds in someone’s life.

She says she doesn’t remember and has never spoken with me, and that is true. It was just one-sided insults. I’m sorry that she is drawing a clear line, even saying that she definitely did not do the actions or say the scornful words with her gang behind my back. And I’m don’t know what kind of witnesses or evidence she has. However, I want to ask if her selective memory is the truth that can cover up everything I am talking about.

If there are people struggling from school violence right now, take courage and ask those around you for help. I couldn’t do that, and I believed things would gradually improve over time. But I realized that that’s not true.

I am sorry this incident has caused many people’s concerns and worries. From now on, I want to repay you with my activities as an actress, not with my personal matter. I hope you will be happy in the coming April. It must be exhausted and tiring from the COVID-19, but I hope you cheer up. Thank you.”

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