[New Tracks To Know] IU’s ‘LILAC’: She Has Matured Emotionally

Credit: EDAM Entertainment

IU has returned with her 5th full-album, LILAC.

Four years after, IU dropped LILAC. In her first album, Spring of a Twenty-Year-Old, IU captured the honest and fresh emotions of the 20-year-old. But for LILAC, she lays out her 20s from various angles and shows how she has matured emotionally. “Lilac,” the title of the album and the title track, means first love and memory of the youth. To all those who stood by her 20s, IU sends her colorful yet somewhat bitter greetings with gratitude.

1. Lilac

The bright and cheerful sound provides the excitement of spring. The rhythmic bassline, in the beginning, is well harmonized with funky rhythms and pop elements. The 70s and 80s disco sounds please the listeners.

2. Flu

The addictive hook and dreamy melody from the minimal urban beat give the song a lively vibe. The witty lyrics and shaky voice maximize the song’s charm.

3. Coin

This song lets you see IU’s new concept from IU’s rap to a unique drop part. Starting with a sample sound reminiscent of a video arcade, Poptime’s funky and groovy band soundtrack and IU’s melody come together to create a new genre.

4. Hi Spring Bye

It’s a song that singer-songwriter Naul gave IU as a gift. The restrained yet simple melody carefully leads emotions, following the soft sound of EP and nylon guitar. The lyrical string melody reminds us of the spring. When the warm electric guitar sound adds to the song, it creates a sentimental contemporary pop sound.

5. Celebrity

It’s an electronic pop song with the tropical house. The light and sophisticated melody stand out. And the drop-like hook mixed with synthesizer and autotune is combined with IU’s voice to add freshness.

6. Troll (Feat. DEAN)

The song is based on reggae and Bossanova. IU and DEAN share honest stories about the relationship between lovers like a round.

7. Empty Cup

It is a song that combines IU’s tone-down lonesome voice, Lo-Fi guitar sound, and R&B-based band sound. All combined, it gives off a chic vibe.

8. My sea

The song starts quietly. But soon, a majestic orchestral sound appears with IU’s energetic vocals. The rich performance of the 20-member string session adds to the beauty of the song. In the second half of the song, IU’s explosive high-pitched singing joins the choir composed of composer Jehwi’s friends, bringing out a dramatic climax.

9. Ah puh

It’s a song with a cool and beat sound that makes you feel like you’re surfing on the ocean waves. The chopped-off rhythm that sounds as if you were taking pictures and dynamic melody highlights the fun lyrics written by IU and Lee Chanhyuk.

10. Epilogue

The retro vibe was added to IU’s greeting and the Lo-Fi sound that seem to come out of an old record player. It is a ballad song that builds up a mysterious atmosphere.

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