Ok Taec Yeon Talks about How the Villain in ‘Vincenzo’ Has Come to Be

As Ok Taec Yeon‘s Jang Jun Woo was revealed to be the real chairman of the Babel Group in the sixth episode of Vincenzo, the hidden villain shocked viewers.

While in the conference room prepared to brief about the secret of the Babel Group, Jang Jun Woo reveals his true identity to Jang Han Seo (Kwak Dong Yeon), Choi Myung Hee (Kim Yeo Jin), and Han Seung Hyuk (Jo Han Cheol). Previously known as a law intern in the Woosang Law Firm, he revealed himself as the half-brother of Chairman Jang Han Seo, and the main figure behind the Babel Group. It was new to see the deft and sloppy character in the center of evil that controls politics, businesses, media, and persecution services.

Hence, the production team unveiled Ok Taec Yeon’s efforts behind the scenes which helped complete the character.


A Decision Made for His Character ” The Permed Hairstyle Suggested by Ok Taec Yeon

Credit: tvN

Ok Taec Yeon appears with a wavy hairstyle on Vincenzo. As a handsome intern lawyer who has a crush on Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Been), he has suggested and attempted permed hair to present the unexpectedness of Jang Jun Woo. As for the reason for the hairstyle, Ok Taec Yeon said, “His existence alone as a true villain is powerful, so I wanted to make his reveal unforeseen through his initial looks.”

He explained further how he wanted “the sociopath, Jun Woo, to look more like an insane villain who does cruel things with an ambition to dominate the country. I thought maybe the outer looks of the character would make him seem like a ‘less grown adult’ who was brought up being told never to let go of the things that he gets a hold of.” he said.


See How Jun Woo Changes by His Neckties ” The Signs of a Character Change

Credit: tvN

Jang Jun Woo appears wearing the same tie from the beginning of the play where he appears as a naïve intern lawyer, much like how Cha Young says, “If you don’t wear the same color tie all the time, I’ll consider whether to love you or not.” Until the end of the fourth episode when Jang Jun Woo was revealed as the real chairman of the Babel Group, he insisted on a blue striped tie. This is Jun Woo’s fashion statement, expressing the character’s freedom from others’ gazes.

Lee Han Wook, who is in charge of Ok Taec Yeon’s styling, explained, “I chose a striped pattern tie to make him look smart like an intern lawyer, and changed his suits up to make him look less plain and boring with the overplayed tie. This was compensated with layered knits, and change in the suits’ colors to give a modern feel to it.”

Once he established his powerful identity in the fourth episode with a short yet strong “Shut up,” Ok Taec Yeon reflects the change in his character through his style by wearing different ties in every episode.


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