KBS to Officially Launch an Exclusive Talk Show with BTS, Shin Dong Yup to Host it

BTS’s talk show is to be aired in late March.

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

KBS announced that it has planned a special named 2021 Special Talk Show: Let’s BTS featuring BTS. “We are to highlight the messages and comfort BTS has brought,” it revealed.

This is the group’s first talk show on a terrestrial network, with their name on the title. The production crew plans not only to capture BTS’s sides as a global artist but also their honest stories as seven young people. Shin Dong Yup is to be the MC, as Jang Do Yeon will join for a special segment in the talk show.

Credit: iMBC
Credit: SpoTV News

The show will also feature a special corner where members can share feelings about each other and a special device that will allow them to communicate with fans. Expectations are rising especially as BTS is said to be delivering a live performance. Surprise guests are also to appear in the talk show, raising further questions.

The production crew says that they are preparing for a special stage that is different from any previous ones. “This will be a place where you can feel the power of healing which is conveyed through their music.”

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

2021 Special Talk Show: Let’s BTS is to air on KBS2 at 10.40 p.m. KST on March 29th.


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