TOO’s Woonggi Denies the Rumors of Him Being the School Perpetrator

Credit: Stone Music Entertainment

Just hours after TOO’s Woonggi was praised for his “wisest” remarks, he was embroiled in allegations of school violence. But the idol and his agency have taken a step forward to deny the rumors.

Yesterday, an article titled “I will publicize TOO Woonggi’s school violence” was posted on an online community, sparking a heated debate. The author (known henceforth as “A”) spelled out all his misdeeds and presented messages that the perpetrator and the victim shared and Woonggi’s graduation album from middle school as evidence.

A wrote, “You can’t say that if you know what the victim had to go through at the time. He transferred, changed his number, and changed his SNS account because of what you and your friends posted. That article caused him sociophobia, and he got so terrified of stepping outside because he was scared of people walking on the streets, so he eventually moved to a different place.”

According to evidence posted by A, the victim was sworn at repeatedly and was attacked by Woonggi and his friends on his way to school, on his way to home, during break times, and at lunchtimes. The victim, who could no longer stand the harassment, wrote a statement and asked the school’s guidance department to hold a school violence committee, but the school chose to silence the matter because the graduation was near.

However, Woonggi strongly denied all allegations. His label Stone Music Entertainment released an official press release and stressed, “We confirmed the facts through the artist himself, school officials, and the victim who appeared in the posting. “It is true that there were people who were on bad terms with Woonggi when they were in school, but the allegations that he used violence in a way that harassed certain few are completely wrong.”

They continued, “If groundless malicious slander and false information continue to spread, we will even take stern measures. We will continue to do our best to protect our artists.”


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