Na In Woo Says He Couldn’t Get a Hang of ‘Mr. Queen’ as He Never Had a Crush Before

Na In Woo has made the fullest of his presence as a ‘sub-character’ in Mr. Queen. As the adopted son of Kim Jwa Geun, the actor plays the role of Kim Byeong In, who is in love with Kim So Yong. He managed to display a variety of emotions ranging from vibrant actions to sorrowful love, and a somewhat twisted obsession. He especially made viewers’ hearts ache at the end, risking his own life for love.

In an interview with Newsis marking the end of the drama, Na In Woo says he wishes “though Byeong In passed away early, I hope he becomes a character who remains within the hearts of many.”

Mr. Queen was steadily loved by viewers as its viewers’ ratings stayed within the range of mid-10%.

“I feel popular, but I don’t know what has changed. My moods don’t tend to swing too much, so I thought that I should work harder using this opportunity as a stepping stone.”

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The character of Kim Byeong In ended as he died saving Kim So Yong.

“I didn’t feel regretful. I think that was the best ending in Byeong In’s perspective. In my opinion, that was the best scene.”

Was it not hard to film a historical drama with many actions scenes?

“Actions were the most difficult, and having to specify emotions was also hard. I did get stressed, but it’s a relief to know that the viewers liked it.”

Na In Woo got the role of ‘Kim Byeong In’ through an audition.

“There was an open audition for male roles, so I participated in multiple at once. Eventually it got narrowed down to ‘Kim Byeong In’, but I think I was also a considerable participant for ‘Kim Hwan.’”

You chose director Yoon Sung Sik as the person you’re most grateful for.

“The director managed to make the atmosphere on site great, as he controlled the pace well. While I was worrying lots, he just told me to do it as I am doing, because I’m doing it well now. That really cheered me on.”

The set was filled with improvisations. It was told that scenes with Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun always had improvs.

“Jung Hyun has so many ideas, and he also gave me a lot of them. I deliberately sprain my arm in the drinking competition scene, and that’s also Jung Hyun’s idea.”

Byeong In has a pitiful crush on Kim So Yong. Does Na In Woo, born in 1994, also have such experience?

“I actually have never had such a crush. I just tried to look at Hye Sun as So Yong and reflect the character’s internal emotions as much as possible. Though I couldn’t get a hang of it at first as I had no experience, I became emotionally invested and was able to portray his gaze as I saw her from Byeong In’s perspective.”

What was the actual chemistry like between Shin Hye Sun?

“While I was familiar with her because I saw her often on TV, it was her first time seeing me. She got a little embarrassed when I first eagerly approached her. So I thought it would be hard to get close to her, but she took good care of me later as we went on with the show.”

Credit: Newsis

Na In Woo chose Kim Rae Won as his actor role model.

“I like his strong yet soft side. That way, he is able to suit any roles. I’m also enjoying L.U.C.A.: The Beginning, which is currently airing.”

Finally, he said, “thankfully, 2020 was a very busy year for me. I hope I stay busy for 2021 too. Hopefully this year is not difficult for everyone.”

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  • I really he will get a lead role in a new drama. His acting is superb and he is really cute and sexy.

  • I watched you in mr queen and so impressed by your acting and handsome face ❤ im your new fan now. Hope to see you in your new kdrama soon. Stay safe and happy.

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