Lee Min Jeong Gifts Her Stylist Gift Certificates Worth a Total of 1 Million Won

Actress Lee Min Jung has given away a gift of 1 Million won (approximately 906 USD) to her stylist as a Lunar New Year gift.

Credit: Instagram / @jennyhouse_suhyeon79

Lee Min Jung’s dedicated hairstylist Su Hyeon wrote on Instagram on the 10th tagging Lee Min Jung, “Ming Jung, thank you so much. I feel like I’m already blessed. I think this year will start great. I’m touched that you take care of me and encourage me even during the pandemic. Let me show off a little about this. I always cheer for you to become a happier, busier, and more awesome actress this year.”

In the uploaded photo were ten 100k Won gift certificates and a handwritten letter given by Lee Min Jung to her stylist.

The letter written by Lee Min Jung said “Thank you always for being with me for a long time, being the sister who listens to me and styles me well. I don’t express myself well, but I wish you luck this Lunar New Year. It’s better if you get to choose what you want to buy, right? After thinking about it for a long time, I thought gift certificates would be good. Let’s stay together for a long time.” The two have been known to be close. They previously appeared together on MBC Every1’s The Barber of Seville.

Credit: Star Daily News

People praised the two’s friendship and Lee Min Jung left a joking comment as she said, “Oh, I should have written better.”

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