Some Netizens Accuse Defconn of Being a Juvie, and the Agency Responds

Credit: MBC

Defconn has been embroiled in a controversy over having a juvenile record.

In the latest episode of How Do You Play?, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Min and Defconn appeared as detectives in Crime Division 3. However, after the broadcast, some netizens gathered at viewers’ bulletin board and demanded Defconn’s exit from the show, claiming that it’s inappropriate for someone with a juvie record to roleplay a detective on TV.

Such accusation started from Defconn’s episode in The Guru Show where he revealed an anecdote of a gang fight during his school days. At the time, he shared, “I got called to the police after getting involved in a gang fight and was almost put on a trial, but I settled with the victim’s family.”

Credit: MBC

Though the artist never said the word “juvie” himself, but he dropped out of high school after that and took the qualification exam. And this background story raised the suspicion of him having a juvie record.

After the suspicion spread like wildfire, Defconn’s agency SM C&C released an official statement. They wrote, “As he said in an entertainment show in the past, Defcoon took part in a gang fight with friends he hung out at the time. But he sincerely apologized to the victim at the time and has worked hard to become a better person for his family and friends with a repenting heart. The rumors of him having a juvenile record are groundless, and he wasn’t exempted from his military service… We want to prevent further damage and restore the artist’s tarnished reputation. Currently, we are collecting data over the false rumors and information that are spreading online.”


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