Former DIA Member Eunjin Clarifies Why She Left the Group and Addresses Malicious Comments Directed at Her

Credit: Afreeca TV

Yesterday, DIA trended on some search engines after BJ Real Eunjin, aka former DIA member Eunjin, mentioned the group on her Afreeca TV streaming.

During her live broadcast on the Internet broadcasting platform Afreeca TV, Eunjin received a hate comment that criticized her for “damaging DIA’s images.” She soon refuted the comment, saying, “Why did DIA suffer damages? I was the one who suffered.” To the question “Do you still contact DIA members?” she cooly responded, “I never contacted them since I left the group.”

She then added, “The CEO has a lot of money and he’s really loyal. The company staff said they should collect money (from me), but he said let her go, so I left the company paying them. It costs about 10 million won to cancel a trainee contract, but I made an exclusive contract and even had debts, but he didn’t ask me to pay them.”

Afterward, netizens sparked a buzz online regarding her remarks about DIA, and on Jan 12, Eunjin posted a lengthy message on her Afreeca community.

“After I left the group, some fans became anti-fans and attacked me with malicious comments, comments that shouldn’t be said, accusing me of harming the group. But at the time, I had to leave the group because of my health, and it was an inevitable situation. I did not leave the group because I wanted to. I had my own issues I was dealing with, and it was a hard time for me. I left my longtime dream of becoming a singer. In that sense, yes, I think I suffered. But I’m not content seeing people making up lies about what I said and using that to attack me. My life is my life. Whatever I choose in whatever situation, it is my life, so please just stop being in my business; I would appreciate it if you just paid more attention to your own life at that time. Even if I say DIA’s name in my broadcasts, that is none of your business. If you don’t want to watch, that is your problem. But if you really can’t stand it that much, fine, I won’t talk about DIA anymore, so please f*** off.”


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