Koo Hye Sun Dating Someone? Says She Is Writing the List of Guests for Her Wedding

Credit: Kakao TV

Koo Hye Sun mentioned her thoughts about the wedding and the person she is currently seeing.

In the recent episode of Kakao TV’s Face ID, Koo Hye Sun met up with her close friend Bae Joon Han.

Catching up with her old-time friend, Koo Hye Sun suddenly shared that she is “writing down the list of guests for her wedding,” surprising netizens. She then added, “I’ve never had a wedding. Next time, I really want to hold a wedding ceremony. But if I do, I really want to invite those I really care about. And narrowed the list down to more than 10, which is a lot more than I thought.”

The actress was then seen talking on the phone with her assistant director, and their conversation hinted at Koo Hye Sun’s new love interest, raising curiosity.

The assistant director asked Koo, “How’s he doing?” and Koo answered, “I haven’t seen him for a month. I don’t like men who cling onto me.”

After hanging up the phone, Koo introduced the man as someone “she met three months ago and meets once a month.” But she soon added, “Maybe (he) doesn’t exist. No one has ever seen him,” only raising more questions.

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