Baekhyun Hints at EXO’s Comeback in His First Solo Concert?

Credit: SM Entertainment

EXO’s Baekhyun successfully closed the curtains of his first solo concert. He performed for the concert on ‘Beyond LIVE’ at 3 p.m. KST.

Credit: SM Entertainment

In Beyond LIVE-BAEKHYUN: LIGHT, Baekhyun performed songs from his million-seller second mini-album, Delight, as well those from his first mini-album, OSTs, other solo releases, and EXO and CBX’s releases.

Furthermore, Baekhyun’s stylish performance on ‘Beyond LIVE’ was combined with lively AR and XR effects 3D graphics to present a marvelous stage.

As he introduced himself as “today’s main character,” Baekhyun greeted ‘Eris’ (a nickname for the fandom). He expressed how hard he worked to prepare for the stage and claimed that listening to the cheers felt as if he was among his fans. He also greeted global fans in languages such as Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Credit: Beyond LIVE, SM Entertainment

While communicating with fans by reading real-time comments, he said, “My superpower is light. Just like the various forms of lights that always exist near you, I prepared to show the various sides of me today. Though I wasn’t that nervous before I came on stage, seeing everyone saying that they’re nervous makes me jittery too.”

The mood was changed in the middle of the concert, as he sang a sweet ballad “Every Second,” the OST of Record of Youth. He also caught the eyes with “Amusement Park” and “Love Again” from his second mini-album.

He further made his fans go wild as he performed “Addicted” and “Get You Alone” from a Japanese album to be released in January. He claims that he wanted to surprise EXO-Ls with new songs.

Baekhyun ended the concert by saying, “I can do anything with you. Without everyone, there is no motivation for me. Let’s have a go at a 24-hour concert after the COVID-19 situation.”

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  • It was a very well planned and executed concert. Baekhyun’s charm and talent made it thoroughly enjoyable and memorable. New stages and bringing back a few of my EXO favorites left me wanting more and sorry when it ended. Hoping he will have more solo concerts in near future and waiting to see him again with EXO.

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