“I Wanted to End It All” Shin Min Ah Reveals of the Alleged Bullying

Credit: Shin Min Ah’s Instagram

The former member of ILUV, Shin Min Ah, had revealed her feelings as she battles with her agency.

Credit: Shin Min Ah’s Instagram

Shin Min Ah confessed her feelings as she wrote on Instagram, “I will constantly voice out to the world, and I do not want such a thing to happen ever again.”

Shin Min Ah has been exposing the members who bullied her while was in ILUV since July. She claimed that the members bullied, sexually harassed, and even forced her to watch explicit materials, leading her to attempt suicide, though she had been saved. The company refuted Shin Min Ah’s claims and filed her to the police on charges of obstruction of business and defamation by spreading false information. Seoul’s Jongno Police Station has sent the case to prosecution services on November 28th, and Shin Min Ah has been prosecuted for obstruction of business and partial defamation.

Shin Min Ah said that she “went up on the bridge” because the world seemed so abhorrent as she realized that she could not change the world even after betting her last hope on the investigation carried out in September. She explained, “Though the news says it was because of malicious comments, those are not what I am scared of.”

She continued, “While the victims are in the hospital, the perpetrators are living their best lives out there in the society.” “Those who have things to hide fear truths. I will keep shouting out to the world, as I hope that such a thing never happens again.”

Shin Min Ah’s full statement can be checked on her personal Instagram page.



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  • I believe her more than the company. She has everything to lose and it sounds like the agency either didn’t know what was going on or ignored it and now is trying to save it’s self.

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