Rain Talks About Why He Desperately Tried to Avoid Kim Jong Kook Every Holiday

Credit: SBS

In the upcoming episode of SBS’s My Little Old Boy, all-rounder Rain appeared as a guest.

After he showed up in the studio, all the mothers showed their enthusiastic support more than ever, saying that they have met the star. Especially, he sang a verse from his new duet song with JYP on the spot, drawing admiration.

Rain, who was warmly welcomed by the mothers, unexpectedly confessed, “There is a son who I want to avoid,” awashing the scene with surprises. Turns out, that “son” was Kim Jong Kook.

Soon, he confessed a “bitter” story that he had to go through every holiday after meeting Kim Jong Kook and revealed how he always sweated to avoid him, giving a big laugh.

Meanwhile, Rain, the youngest among his crew that includes Song Seung Heon, Kwon Sang Woo, Psy, and Park Jin Young (JYP), drew attention by revealing his cute ambitions against the older members.

Rain’s appearance on My Little Old Boy will air on Dec 27 at 9:05 pm KST.

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