UPDATE: Topp Dogg’s Park Hyunho’s Shocking Confession: “I was bullied by the members and tried to jump off the window”


Credit: Star Road Entertainment Twitter

Yesterday, Park Hyunho (Seogoong), a former member of Topp Dogg, talked about how he was “bullied” by the rest of the members during his idol days, and his claims sparked up a controversy. But today, Star Road Entertainment strongly refuted his claims.

Star Road Entertainment, the management company of JBJ95, a group where former Topp Dogg member Kim Sanggyun belongs to, released their official statement about the matter. They stated, “As soon as the video was uploaded on YouTube, we have looked closely into the matter, and have come up with a completely different position.”

“We have asked the YouTube channel to delete the video in question, and it has been removed,” the agency added. “We will strongly respond to the dissemination of false information about the artist and the distribution of it, and there will be no leniency or agreement.”

You can check out what Park Hyunho said below.

Original Article:

Credit: “Idol Olympics” YouTube

Park Hyunho, also known as Topp Dogg’s Seogoong, confessed the pain he had to endure during his activities as a Topp Dogg member.

On Dec 11, a video titled “Why Former Topp Dogg member Seogoong, also the MC for Dream Concert, became a trot singer” was posted on YouTube channel “Idol Olympics.”

In the video, Park Hyunho shares, “When I was promoting as Topp Dogg, I thought my whole dream came true. But I don’t think that the members always got along. I used to think that if someone comes under the spotlight for the team, even if it isn’t me, it was good enough. That sparked some issues and that I think started the so-called ‘bully.'”

Despite all the difficulties, Seogoong tried to make peace in the fact that he got to perform on stage, but he had to leave when the rest of the members raised their hands to the question, “Who here wants Seogoong to leave the team?” He explained, “As for the decision of my leave was made when everyone brutally voted, including myself, to the question ‘Raise your hand if you want him out.’ I think that was the absolute worst moment of my life.”

Park added, “When I moved out my stuff from the dorm and came home, my father started yelling at me that this all happened because of your personality. My mind was already crushed, and when I heard him say that, I really was going to jump out the window. But my dad stopped me, and that’s all I can remember. But my father grabbed on to me to the point where my clothes were ripped.”

The singer personally mentioned the criticism he often hears, which is, “You only became a trot singer because you failed as an idol.” Park Hyunho candidly answered, “But that’s true in a sense. I didn’t get to success as an idol, so I’m trying to find a different genre.”

Park Hyunho has turned into a trot singer and is currently appearing on KBS’s Trot National Sports Festival.


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