3-Step Growth ‘Start-Up’ Actor Nam Joo Hyuk Made for Nam Do San

Start-Up actor Nam Joo Hyuk is delicately portraying his character Nam Do San’s step-by-step growth, drawing attention from viewers.

In tvN’s drama Start-Up, Nam Joo Hyuk raises sympathy by realistically conveying young people’s challenges and growth. In the 13th and 14th episodes, Nam Joo Hyuk affectionately captured his love and longing for Suzy (Dal Mi) even after returning home in glory after three years. Despite numerous offers, Do San has partnered with the Cheongmyeong Company to mark the beginning of a new relationship with Dalmi as a partner. From the start to the most recent episode, we will look into the history of Do San’s transformation created by Nam Joo Hyuk.


#Fresh and Naive

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At first, he appeared as an engineering student and gave life to his character Do San. Unlike his outstanding coding skills, Do San could not hide his anxiety with his unconfident voice and actions whenever he’s around people. He couldn’t understand Dal Mi’s emotional letters and immediately questioned a plant that’s supposed to attract money. However, after meeting Dal Mi and trying hard to become the amazing first love in her memory, he gradually understands emotions and begins his changes.


#Tuning Point

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As the story progresses, Nam Joo Hyuk realistically portrays the journey of Do San, who gradually finds his way to a confident demeanor. His choice to enter Sandbox was a struggle not only for his future but also for Dal Mi, for his parents to feel proud and for his friends to no longer waste time. However, Do San’s burning desire to win surfaces when he loses the hackathon to Injae Company. Since then, Do San works day and night to develop a program and finally achieves gratifying results on Demo Day.

Nam Joo Hyuk said, “Do San’s narrative is not in the past but the present. The moment that had the greatest impact on Do San’s life was Dal Mi’s letter, which came like a fate. That letter is also a turning point that allowed Do San to move forward even when he’s pulled down.”


#One Step Forward to Completion

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After three years, Nam Joo Hyuk returns to Korea and shows a more mature side of a genius developer by helping Dal Mi, who has been in trouble due to a ransomware infection. And he touches viewers’ hearts by wholeheartedly expressing his troubled mind when Dal Mi approaches him like nothing ever happened, even when he desperately tries to put an end to an already cracked relationship.

“Nam Do San, who has matured enough now, will become a companion for Dal Mi so they can walk together,” said Nam Joo Hyuk. “I hope you look forward to how Do San, who was able to take a step forward after meeting Dal Mi, matured so that he can move forward together with Dal Mi to fulfill her dream this time.”

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