Baekhyun’s Sweet Tweets to His Fan Puts a Burger Restaurant on Twitter Trends

A burger restaurant in Bucheon went viral when Baekhyun’s sweet tweets for his fans caught the attention.

On Nov 27, Baekhyun asked fans if any of them or their parents owned a restaurant regardless of the region. Soon, fans from all over the country replied to Baekhyun, and of them, a fan with the ID of “Kongtteok” became the hottest topic.

Credit: Twitter, Wikitree

Kongtteok replied to Baekhyun, “Baekhyun, there’s a place in Bucheon called ‘J-Room Burger’? It’s in Bucheon, and I work part-time there. It’s really really good. If you ever visit Bucheon, please come. I’ll treat you with a delicious burger.”

Seeing this, Baekhyun personally replied, “J-Room Burger!? When do you work??”‘ to which the fan wrote, “Monday through Saturday. I work every day, Baekhyun… from 4 p.m. till closing time 9 p.m.”

Credit: Twitter, Wikitree

Things quickly escalated when Baekhyun surprised everyone by writing, “I’m gonna visit someday, so just wait.” He even posted a screenshot of a memo he made on his phone that shows the city, the restaurant’s name, her working hours and the fan’s ID.

Tweets exchanged between Baekhyun and Kongtteok spread like wildfire among EXO fans, and hashtags like “Kongtteok burger” and “J-room burger” appeared in the real-time trends on portal sites and Twitter. It was reported that the burger restaurant had to shut down early when it was bombarded with orders.

When Kongtteok wrote, “They told me that the orders are super backed up, I’d better get to work asap,” Baekhyun melted her heat by saying, “I’m’ sorry, Kongtteok. It’s all my fault.” He even wrote, “Manager, please take good care of Kongtteok.”

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