Movie ‘Cha In Pyo’ Starring Cha In Pyo Will Be Released on Netflix on January 1

Credit: Netflix

Netflix has confirmed the worldwide release of the comedy film Cha In Pyo on January 1, 2021.

Cha In Pyo will comically portray actor Cha In Pyo, who used to be a superstar, struggling to regain his glory. Cha In Pyo will be playing the title role of Cha In Pyo and challenge a new character he has never shown before.

He will project his real image into the character in the play, who is pleasant, friendly and passionate, and lead a story full of popping ideas and fresh laughter. Actor Jo Dal Hwan will be playing Cha In Pyo’s manager Kim Ah Ram, adding to the fun.

Cha In Pyo is a new film by About Film, which made a footmark in Korean cinema with megahit film Extreme Job. About Film said, “We’re glad that our attempt to create a movie that was never seen before will meet audiences around the world through Netflix.”

The movie was penned and directed by rookie director Kim Dong Kyu.

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