Kim Hyun Joong Wins the Legal Battle as the Supreme Court Ruled His Ex-Girlfriend to Pay Him 100 Million KRW


SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong won the damages suit filed by his ex-girlfriend. With this, Kim Hyun Joong ended his five-year legal battle with his ex-girlfriend.

On the afternoon of November 12 KST, the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal filed by Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend A. As a result, A will have to pay 100 million KRW (about 89,723 USD) and loss incurred by delay to Kim Hyun Joong.

Earlier, A filed a compensation suit, saying, “I was assaulted by Kim Hyun Joong and had a miscarriage,” but lost both the first and second trials.

Kim Hyun Joong and A started dating in April 2012. The relationship continued for 2 years, but A filed a lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong in August 2014 but dropped the case after receiving a settlement of 600 million KRW (about 538,300 USD). However, she sued him again in April 2015, demanding him to pay 1.6 billion KRW (about 1,435,582 USD) in damages.

In July of the same year, Kim Hyun Joong sued A. He filed a counterclaim, stating that A violated the confidential agreement and damaged his reputation by releasing false rumors to the media.

The first trial in 2016 ruled in favor of Kim. They stated, “A failed to present any evidences that supports her claims of having a miscarriage by Kim Hyun Joong’s assault or him forcing her to terminate her pregnancy. She also defamed Kim Hyun Joong so much that it became difficult for him to continue his career as a celebrity,” and told A to pay Kim Hyung Joong 100 million KRW. Later, A contested and appealed, but the second trial upheld the original ruling. A then appealed to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong recently held his online concert and released his new album A Bell of Blessing. According to his agency, he has no upcoming schedules at the moment.

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  • No one can put a good man down. The truth will always prevail. I hope the Korean press will also realize how much they have hurt KHJ. This is a vindication and victory to both KHJ and his henecia. More power and blessings to you #KimHyunJoong.

  • Hope this will all be behind him now and everyone can move on,….Hope he will be able to continue to make music and start in more dramas without anyone having to ask about this issue every time he is in public doing any press. .

  • I glad that this is finally behind him and look forward to his future endeavors !
    Hopefully some dramas will be in that!! Love watching him act as well as his singing!!
    Congratulations Kim Hyung Joong!!

  • Glad this is finally over and his innocence is proved. Hopefully he can flourish again in his career 💚💚

  • Justice has been partially served, thank God Kim Hyun-Joong can finally move forward with his life. However 5 years of his life was taken away because of vicious lies and an evil plot. As words from his song “nothing can stop me now”, I look forward to seeing more of him, he is a genuine, loving person & caring person. May God be with him in all that he sets out to do. Gilda USA

  • I find it shocking that the accuser, now found to be untruthful and outright lying, is not facing any serious consequences, especially after nearly derailing his career with false accusations. Internationally he is well received and respected. Will his countrymen now give him the recognition that he deserves?

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