Black Swan’s Hyeme Has Been Accused of Fraud

Credit: Starnews

Black Swan’s Hyeme has been accused of fraud. Hyeme is a K-pop idol who made her debut in 2015 as a member of RaNia, which has recently been rebranded as Black Swan.

According to Dispatch, A filed a complaint against Hyeme on October 26. His claim is that she “swindled” 50 million KRW (about 44,877 USD) from him, saying that she needed it for her “career.”

A first got to know Hyeme through Instagram back in December 2018. Soon, their friendship led to offline meetings and grew pretty close, enough for her to ask him for money.

Credit: Dispatch

However, everything started to go south from April 2019. Saying that her family is currently facing financial troubles, she asked him to lend her 5 million KRW (about 4490 USD). However, when he showed “discomfort,” Hyeme wrote him a text, saying, “It’s not that I didn’t see you as my ATM, but I feel really uncomfortable asking others for money. But I feel comfortable around you, so that’s why…”

Eventually, A sent 5 million KRW to Hyeme’s mother’s bank account. This is what A said, “At first, I refused. But she begged that she would repay me once she is successful (as an idol) and that she would never forget his kindness.”

Her “fraud” doesn’t stop there. Hyeme used to live in a dorm with her members. However, maybe she didn’t really like the group life, so she asked A to help her so that “she could solely focus on her music.”

Credit: Dispatch

On June 26, 2019, A prepared an officetel (Korean version of studio room) for Hyeme. He helped her with a deposit of 20 million KRW (about 17,953 USD) and paid her monthly rent, which was about 900,000 KRW (about 808 USD). A even supported Hyeme’s living expenses. From May last year to May this year, he transferred about 18 million KRW (about 16,160 USD) to her account. On top of that, he even made her a credit card for her to use in “emergency only.” With this card, she squandered 12.8 million KRW (about 11,493 USD) in five months.

About their relationship, A said, “We were never lovers. We never even slept together. Yes, we met often, and we got close. But I really wanted her to see success as a singer. I also felt bad that she couldn’t focus on music because of her financial issues.”

But it turned out that most of the money that A lent Hyeme was used for her “entertainment expenses.” The room that he prepared for her was used as a secret place for her to meet guys.

Credit: Dispatch

Thinking that he had it enough, A told Hyeme to pay back the first 5 million KRW she borrowed in March this year. And this is what she wrote to him. “You were so nice to me that I thought it was okay. It’s true that I learned and trusted you. I was thoughtless. I will repay you.”

And five months have passed. A took a leave of absence from his job. Hyeme has changed her number and is hiding from A.

Dispatch asked Black Swan’s agency about the incident on November 5. They said, “She did borrow 5 million KRW. But we will have to find out more (about the rest).” And they still haven’t given a proper answer.

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  • She found a sugar daddy and all was good until he wised up. Doubt if anything here will get resolved.

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