Film ‘Emergency Declaration’ Finished Its Filming

Credit: Showbox
Credit: Showbox

Director Han Jae Rim’s new film Emergency Declaration (literal title) has officially finished its filming.

Emergency Declaration is an aviation disaster film about a plane that declared an emergency landing amid an unprecedented disaster.

Having drawn keen attention for its stellar cast, including Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, Im Si Wan, Kim So Jin, and Park Hae Joon, Emergency Declaration finished filming on October 24 after a five-month journey.

Director Han Jae Rim said, “Despite this being a big project in the face of a difficult situation, we were able to finish the project without any problems under pre-planned conditions thanks entirely to the actors’ concentration and professionalism shown by the top staff. I’m very satisfied as a producer and director that we’ve all finished filming in good health.”

Credit: Showbox

Song Kang Ho, who turned into a detective who chases after the unprecedented air disaster, said, “I am grateful that everyone safely finish filming in a difficult environment,” and added, “I felt the importance of the world, neighbors and family that we live in, especially through this work, and had a mind-blasting time. We will do our best until the end so that we can convey this overwhelming feeling to the audience as well.”

Lee Byung Hun, who played a father who got on a plane for his daughter despite his phobia, said, “In many ways, I’m grateful for finishing this project safely in difficult situations. It was my first time working with director Han Jae Rim, and he helped the actors in a positive way to find the emotion we want. Thanks to his persistent and delicate directing, you might be able to see actors’ good performances and emotions.”

Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, Lim Si Wan, Kim So Jin, and Park Hae Joon also expressed their gratitude.

Emergency Declaration is a new film by Han Jae Rim, best known for Rules Of Dating (2005), The Show Must Go On (2007), The Face Reader (2013) and The King (2017). Emergency Declaration, also an aviation term meaning a state of emergency if and when planes are no longer able to operate normally by the captain’s judgment when faced with a disaster situation, heralded an impressive aviation disaster film featuring tense story and colorful characters.

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