BLACKPINK’s ‘LIGHT UP THE SKY’ Netflix documentary Will Show A Behind-The-Scenes Look At ROSÉ’s Solo Music

Credit: Netflix


Credit: Netflix

Korean-American director Caroline Suh, who is heading BLACKPINK’s new Netflix documentary, revealed secrets from the documentary through a recent interview.

In it, she talked about YG Entertainment’s relaxed role in the creation of the documentary, her relationship with the Blackpink members, and her perception of K-pop.

She mentioned how straight forward and honest Jennie was during the documentary producing process despite her shyness. Caroline Suh also commented about the different public perceptions the members have versus their true personalities. Jisoo, for instance, is very mature, caring, and funny despite coming off as reserved and quiet.

In particular, Director Suh brought up details about Rosé’s upcoming solo project.

Question: You also go inside of the studio with Rosé as she works on some solo material. She talks about how the studio is a vulnerable place for her and that she doesn’t feel comfortable letting a lot of people listen to her unfinished work. Did it take any convincing to get that access?

Caroline Suh: No, she wanted to do it. I think she wanted to show that side of herself. At the same time, when we were inside [of the studio] filming with her, she forgot we were there. She was really concentrating on the song. I love that scene because you can see on her face, without any words, all of the emotions she’s going through, the fear but also the determination. I love seeing her push herself and do something she was terrified of because she really was.

Are you excited to watch Rosé prepare for her solo debut?

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