After Former Stellar Member Gayoung’s Remarks Made Headlines, Head of Stellar’s Label Officially Refutes All Her Claims

After what Gayoung, former member of Stellar, said on Miss Back made headlines, the head of her former agency officially refuted all her claims.

According to media outlets, Choi Byung Min, the head of Gayoung’s former agency, said, “Even when the group failed to break the break-even point, we still duly paid them despite the company’s difficult situation.” He also stressed, “If they continue to broadcast without fully checking the facts, we will take legal actions.”

Credit: MBN

Back on Oct. 8, former Stellar member Gayoung appeared on MBN’s Miss Back and talked about her painful idol days. Saying that she was forced to wear revealing outfits, she exposed the maltreatment she received from the company. Other cast started to cry when Gayoung said, “I left the team after 7 years, and during those seven years, I earned 10 million won (about 8,745 USD).”

But yet, contrary to her claims, Choi Byung Min states that his company paid her correct amounts, which is clearly more than 10 million won, and that the reason Stellar had to go under was Gayoung and Minhee’s faults.

According to him, Stellar signed a model contract with a cosmetics company in 2017. However, when Gayoung and Minhee posted photos of other products on their social media, the company filed a compensation suit, claiming that Stellar violated the contract of not advertising and promoting competitors’ products during the contract period. Stellar’s label eventually lost the lawsuit and was ruled to pay twice as much as the model’s fee to the cosmetics company. Because of this, the agency faced severe financial difficulties and eventually closed down.

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