‘Miss Back’ Former Stellar Member Gayoung Tears Up as She Talks About Being Forced to Wear Revealing Outfits

Credit: MBN

Former Stellar member Gayoung opened up about being forced to wear revealing outfits in the past.

In the pre-released video of MBN’s Miss Back, Gayoung talked about why and how her group Steller ended up being nicknamed “R-rated idol group.”

Gayoung mentioned the controversial album photo that made headlines when stellar promoted their song “Vibrato.” Saying, “This is a photo that I really don’t want to see,” Gayoung explained the photo.

“We already chose all the outfits, but when we went to film the music video, we were given different outfits. They gave us a swimsuit with only a string on the side,” she added. Though members firmly refused to put on such revealing outfits, her company promised them that they won’t be using the photo if it’s too much. “So we took 5 test cuts and changed into what we chose before. But that photo was released as our teaser photo without our permission,” she said. After hearing this, the panelists exploded in anger.

Gayoung is said to wear long sleeves and long pants even in summer since her trauma of being exposed to all the criticisms for her outfits scared her too deep.

Miss Back is a mix between a documentary and variety show and will follow eight former female idol singers, who are gradually forgotten in people’s memories. Through the show, they will share their stories, prepare stunning performances, and hope for another chance at success as singers. The first episode will air on Oct. 18 at 11 p.m. KST.

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