‘Knowing Bros’ Decides to Cancel the Episode Block B’s Park Kyung Participated In

Credit: KG Entertainment

After all, Park Kyung, who recently admitted to being a bully during his school days, will not appear in JTBC’s entertainment show Knowing Bros.

On Oct. 6, the production team of Knowing Bros said, “We decided not to broadcast the episode (that Park Kyung appeared as a guest) to reduce the discomfort of the viewers over the recent controversy. This week, the episode featuring Im Chang Jung, Shin Bong Sun, and Jessi will air.”

Back on Sept. 17, Park Kyung participated in the Knowing Bros recording with Kim Ji Suk and Ha Seok Jin. However, public opinion over the artist became ice-cold when allegations of school violence surfaced late last month. It seems like Park Kyung’s future activities in the entertainment industry are expected to be put on hold.

Meanwhile, Park Kyung admitted to his wrongdoings during his school days and wrote an apology letter via his Twitter, saying, “I am sorry. I sincerely apologize to all those who were hurt by me back then and those who get hurt by past memories when they see me.” However, even after his apology, netizens are still baffled about how he cleaned up his images, even participating in a school violence prevention campaign.

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  • This is why I like how the netizens and fans give immediate punishment to actors/actresses who had been bad or caught up in scandals!

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